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Relocating?  It’s hard to beat the Western Suburbs!

As a former Naval Officer and Corporate consultant, I know what it’s like to relocate.  I plan to live in the Hinsdale area for the next 30 years and raise my family, but I’ve lived in Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Missouri, Florida, Georgia, Virginia, Texas, North Carolina, Indiana and now Illinois.  So….the stress of moving, yeah I kind of get it and totally understand!

Living in all of these states has allowed me to gain invaluable experience to local real estate customs and norms around the country.  I’ve transacted real estate in all of these states.  Living in so many states, has also allowed me to understand the differences (sometimes subtle and sometimes not so subtle) ways in which real estate is transacted across the country.

Moving you and/or your whole family is a stressful time for everyone.  You shouldn’t have worry about your Realtor.  I will help you transition your lifestyle. I will provide anything you need.  From recommendations on Hospitals, doctors, specialists, dentists, orthodontists, public vs. private schools and so on…My list of contractors for all things around the house is extensive and I will provide you with everything from A-Z, YOU ASK, I’LL ANSWER!

You have a choice when it comes time to relocate.  Relocation companies will normally be agreeable to your choice in Realtors.

Would you like to know more? Just call me at 630-484-4289 or e-mail me drew@drewcurranhomes.com